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by Tatiana
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On a sunny day in May 2006, three ambitious and carefree girls, Ana, Nata, and Tania met. We were young, free, and such big dreamers. While being students at business & administration faculty and accounting faculty, we were trying to explore new business ideas every day. But as it usually happens, life took a turn with its amendments, and one by one we fell in love, got married, and had children. While we were fulfilling our roles as wives and mothers, our dreams had to be put on hold for a few years.

Today, we have grown into three strong, bold, and hardworking women. The idea of creating something new went hand in hand with us over time. That is when we discovered our common passion and it led right into the purpose. Even though none of us has any professional cooking experience, nor we are restaurant chefs, we are addicted to trying new tastes, textures, aromas, and different types of cuisines overall. That is the motivation that stands behind That is how we became self-taught cookers. 

The first dish we have ever cooked together in our clumsy “wanna-be” shooting set was the bolognese lasagna. We thought it was a great idea to capture the moment on our iPhones cameras back then and we considered the pictures to be incredibly professional, that sounds so funny today. We still remember that day clearly. It’s hard to forget the enthusiasm that overwhelmed us about the idea to have our own food blog where we could create magic.

554 recipes later and hundreds of photo studio improvements, we finally got the courage to reveal ourselves so you can see the ones standing behind the long hours of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, learning to navigate Instagram and TikTok, and writing the recipes, we’d like to introduce ourselves:

Tania aka “yourfoodbuddy” on the blog, is the person responsible for the main dishes. Although she doesn’t like to be called “an expert” in cooking Italian cuisine, she is good at it. Tania lived in Italy for a few years and that’s where her love for food was born. Cooking was always “her thing” and till today she likes to invite us over and cook for our company of three families. She always manages to impress us with finger-licking recipes. So it was her that came up with the idea to create a food blog where we can share our impressions, emotions, recipes, and experiences. She is the one that makes our main courses look fantastic and taste fabulous. Whenever she is uncertain about a recipe, the rest of us will come up with an idea to add more spices, a glass of wine, or other ingredients. She is a mother of 2, a boy and a little girl. 

Nata, who is also “Nata” on the blog, is our sweet chef in our kitchen that cooks the most delicious and yummy desserts, cakes, or mousses. Being a mother of three adorable children, Nata is always seeking healthy and interesting desserts to treat her little bandits. She is the person who knows everything about proportions and exact measurements. When speaking about desserts, accuracy is the main point one has to pay attention to. Maybe that is her secret in delivering the best tasting sweet treats for us, and her family. Everything from different textures, aromas, and new compositions deserve 1000s words of appreciation and recognition. Besides that, Nata can be considered the “quality control inspector” in our group. She makes sure everything is super clean and neat, the thing we truly appreciate her for. 

Now it is time to speak about Ana, or “Cookie”, the name she picked up for the blog. Although she was never into cooking, she knows what good food tastes like. Ana is more the “taster” or the gourmet of our group. Being passionate about traveling, Ana tried different cuisines and dishes and is bringing that vibe into our kitchen. Ana makes delicious salads and appetizers. But above all, she is the person responsible for the drinks you see on our blog. And that has a logical explanation. It was the year 2008 when Ana worked as a beverage waiter in one of the Reno casinos. It is there, in the land of beverages, she got acquainted with lots of cocktails that caught her eye. Her working experience plus her love for traveling inspires her to create amazing appetizers, smoothies, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. is not just a food blog for us, it is our little baby that we invest in so much time, effort, and hope. We are growing it from zero and want to make it a recognizable and trustworthy food blog. And for that, we work hard. We read old recipe books, combine them with new trends. We “steal” recipes from our family members and look for authentic keto, vegan, and vegetarian recipes. We travel, explore, and don’t spare money for quality food. Our photos and videos are made with patience and professionalism to communicate and inspire you, standing on the other side of the screen, to cook quality recipes.

But above all, we love every single component of our job. Everything we have on our official Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube pages is made with a lot of work and passion to create fabulous recipes for our readers. For that, we truly appreciate each like, share, and subscription. 

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