Girl’s Cocktails

by Annie
Girl’s Cocktails Recipe

We are three moms and best friends who like to enjoy delicious cocktails next to long conversations. It is always a great idea, with mainly no reason, to savor a glass of a fancy and exciting drink. Insignificant holidays don’t need special occasions, and because it is the weekend, it is cocktail o’clock. 

Reno made me acquainted with different mixes and endless varieties of cocktails. I still remember my first cocktail; it was vodka with baileys over ice cubes and a beautiful waiter’s smile. A glass of sweet cocktail made my day sunny and beautiful. I thought this simple cocktail had won my life forever, but it didn’t happen. 

Let’s start with girls’ cocktails, nothing too complicated, on the contrary, some fancy and stylish drinks with beautiful colors.   

Cocktails for girls should look attractive and inviting. From my perspective, a girl’s cocktail should look appealing and inviting, as most of them contain champagne. Champagne always looks flamboyant and woman-lish. Any champagne cocktail has a nice touch, tastes fantastical, and is a little heady.

Champagne Cocktails

Some most famous Champagne Cocktails:

  • Mimosa Champagne Cocktail made with ½ glass orange juice. 
  • Black Velvet Cocktail is a mixture of champagne with ½ glass of Guinness. It may sound odd and disgusting, but you will be surprised by its taste and flavor if you try. 
  • Bellini Cocktail is my favorite of champagne drinks which is made of fresh peach juice. 
  • Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer is made with sparkling lemonade and has a mild heady consistency. 
  • Aperol Spritz is a mixture between champagne and Aperol that has become very famous nowadays, all around the world. 
  • Serendipity Cocktail is a mixture between champagne, 1 oz brandy, and 2 oz apple cider. 

You can quickly assemble any of these cocktails at home. It will take seconds to make them and minutes to enjoy and meditate. 

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