Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

by Annie
Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Not yet ready for Thanksgiving? No problem, as this year we offer you a big selection of easy to make recipes with fancy looks and delicious tastes. From traditional dishes to some unordinary and flamboyant recipes for a tasty and flavourful Thanksgiving dinner in the family. Some easy tips and successful recipes to enjoy and savour some spectacular meals. 

Either meat, salads, or dessert, Thanksgiving is all about peace, love, and forgiveness. 

We adore celebrating this day in our family as we gather all together and it is so magical and memorable. 

I adore summer and its festive days, but when it comes to late fall or winter holidays, magic feelings are flying in the air. This time of the year is so memorable and forever lasting. Since I was a child, I was in love with these holidays due to their nice decorations, gifts, and dishes. A lot of recipes to simply enjoy and eat. An ultimate Thanksgiving day with tons of ideas and favourite ingredients. One ingredient I associate with Thanksgiving isn’t the turkey, but the pumpkin I love so much. Cinnamon or some punches are just ideal and perfect. 

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Why Thanksgiving is so special?

On our food blog, you can find a big selection of tried and tested recipes that will make your Thanksgiving day feasting special, smacking delicious, and stress-free. I know what it is when you have to feed a whole family with some special and finger-lingering dishes. You have to make the menu some days before in order to buy the freshest and the best turkey, good quality veggies, and for dessert some decorations. Not to forget about strong drinks that are so important on the table. No dinner will taste completely without a glass of red wine next to some lip-smacking recipes. 

Many years we were celebrating Thanksgiving at my mom’s house. It was so festive and nice, but last year I have decided that it is time they have to come to us. I also adore to decorate my house and to infuse it with cooking dishes’ aroma that makes my home more cosy and warm. 

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

What is celebrated on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving day is a national holiday in the USA and Canada that celebrates the fall harvest and the blessing of the past year. It is an important holiday when families gather together and thank God for everything they have. It dates back to 1621 when Pilgrims began to celebrate the first Thanksgiving, and since then it became a sacred and grateful day to thank God for all the favours and benefits everyone has achieved. 

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Turkey is an American symbol bird. After Lincoln, the president of the USA, had declared Thanksgiving a national day in 1863, turkey has become the symbol on the table after Bradford wrote that the colonists had hunted turkeys during fall of 1621. Since nowadays, turkey is one of the main dishes on the holiday table served with different side dishes and salads. 

What can I make for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

  1. Crispy Roasted Duck, Baked Turkey in the oven or some festive and fancy duck breasts will look amazing on the festive table. My mom is usually cooking the Turkey, but I can make the duck breasts for more fancy looks. 
  2. Spinach Feta and Zucchini Casserole is something we all crave for next to some roasted meat. This casserole is a treat indulgence as it has a balanced aroma between earthy spinach taste and slightly salty feta. I adore adding feta cheese in many of my casserole dishes. 
  3. Caramelized Pumpkin Apple Casserole I make to kids and adults for better digestion and more healthy dishes on the table.  

Cream soup of butternut squash

Easy and light after Thanksgiving day recipes

  1. Pumpkin Soup or either Vegan version is simply healthy and delicious when served on the next day. Because of too many dishes and a heavy stomach, on the second day, you want a light, creamy, and tasty plate of soup to enjoy in silent.
  2. Mashed Butternut Squash pairs just perfect with some roasted turkey. A healthy alternative to mashed potatoes and low in calories dish. So, I usually opt for such great combos to light up the holiday dinner menu.
  3. Sauteed Green Beans with Bacon is a great side dish to roasted meat and a great appetizer on table. I adobe green beans cooked in anyways, but sauteed with some bacon and garlic is just marvellous. 
  4. Healthy Vegetarian Salad Bowl is a must on any of my party/holiday dinner tables. Fresh veggies are always welcomed and are healthy to be served to anything. Some fresh/citrusy dressing will only make the veggie bowl taste amazingly. 
  5. Creamy Butternut Squash Pie is a healthy and tasty pie but usually not for everybody’s taste. It is very creamy, light, and soft and has an intense butternut squash aroma. So if you are a lover just like me, then you will find this pie irresistible and delicious. 

Sweet caked for Thanksgiving day

Time for a sweet indulgence

  1. Caramel Pecan Pie Cheesecake – is like the cherry on the cake – when it comes to this ultra-delicious, sweet, and caramel cheesecake, my family and I remain wordless. No festive holiday ends on a positive and sweet note if there isn’t something sweet, or this heavenly savour caramel pecan cheesecake. A luscious moment to enjoy with a cup of coffee. 
  2. Carbonated Drinks – how come without them. Any carbonated drinks are welcomed on Thanksgiving day, moreover, I allow my daughter to drink Cola. I rarely allow her to drink it, but if speaking about Thanksgiving day, then I am the best mom on the planet. 

All these recipes have in common a moment – they are all perfect for Thanksgiving holiday and all of them are easy to make and flavourful to enjoy. 

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

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