How to garnish cocktails

by Annie
How to garnish cocktails

As I am responsible for cocktails on our blog, I want to discuss more moments and ideas about them. 

Any occasion made at home or outside means food and beverages. 

Any kind of food is good, but how about cocktails? 

In a bar environment, everything looks simple and easy as you have everything at hand. However, at home, your imagination has no limit, as you can experience many ingredients and make personalized cocktails. 

What should they look like? Or, how heady should they be?

All these questions have an answer: at your discretion or liking. 

Be it headier or less, vodka or rum, it is just a matter of question and availability. 

However, here I would like to describe more about their presentation. 

Any cocktail looks and tastes better if it has an excellent offering.

I like to savor a nice Champagne glass or a Bloody Mary with a lovely nice appearance. 

One of my most beautiful garnishes for a cocktail is riming the glasses. I like rimming most of my cocktails as they look fancy and elegant. 

Rimming glasses make them look stylish and attractive. You can garnish a cocktail with dried or fresh fruits, different colorful decorations, but rimmed glasses look more inviting. 

I am not a bartender, but I like mixing cocktails and experiencing toppings. 

Some ideas to garnish Cocktails:

  • Fresh herbs such as mint or rosemary is an option
  • Fresh fruits or fruit shapes 
  • Dried fruits, fruit zests, or fruit slices
  • Whipped creams, shredded chocolates, and nuts
  • Rimmed glasses: sea salt, cinnamon with sugar
  • Pickles such as olives, pickles, gherkins

Any selection you choose will be great and nice as the main target here is your presence and kindness to please others. 

how to garnish cocktailsSo, creating cocktails has become a deep and beautiful fulfillment for me, and the more I experience, the more I understand the history and art of well-crafted drinks that taste fabulous. 

If speaking about me: what I like and what I serve more: then Wine is the answer. Red is my favorite, nor white I like any less.

My favorite ingredient from a cocktail is indisputably rum. I like rum shots, on rocks, or in cocktails. Everything made with rum is outstanding. My famous rum brand is Zacapa, and I simply adore rum with a slice of lime. 

Tequila is also among my favorite shots, and Patron is my beloved one. 

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