Instant Pot Recipes

What is Instant pot?

Instant pot is an electric cooking pot. It allows a much better control of the heat distribution than regular gas appliances. In addition, the cooking device has extra variety of functions in addition to the basic, pressure cooker. You have cooking options such as pressure cooker, slow cooker (exactly the opposite of pres. Electric heating allows, through proper insulation, to minimize thermal losses during cooking.


Apart from the digital control panel of the pot, it can also be programmed remotely via Bluetooth. That is done by using an iOS or Android application installed on a phone or tablet. The application also offers a few additional functions, such as the possibility of saving your favorite recipes, sending them via the Internet or posting them on social networks.

Why use the Instant pot?

This cooking appliance will take your cooking experiences to another level. It will ease your life.
Instant Pot is very useful especially for those who have a small kitchen with reduced storage space. Here are the main reasons you should definitely have one in your kitchen.

Time-saving appliance

In about half an hour you can have hot food to put on the table for the entire family. With instant pot you have quinoa and rice ready in 1-3 minutes. Cooking time for most vegetables is 4 minutes. In 8-10 minutes you have your chicken ready and the beef in 35. Only in 45-50 legumes like clover, beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils are ready to be devoured. Moreover, your cooking is now odorless and clean.

It is true that the time to reach the pressure must be taken into account, but it is still not much. There a period of 5-10 minutes in which the pot heats the food and accumulates steam inside.

Instant Pot Tip!

If you put in already heated liquids (such as boiled water for boiling rice or soup), the time to reach the needed pressure is greatly shortened. As a result, cooking time is reduced.

No heat – no odor

It’s a dream come true. It is true that if you remove the steam as soon as the cooking time is over, it smells a little and spreads a little heat, but if you have it near the window or a good hood, you won’t sense any smell. In any case, the difference in heat and odor is huge compared to cooking on the stove.

No guarding

Drop the ingredients in, put the lid on, set the cooking time and let it cook! When it starts cooking the pot emits an audible signal. When it finishes cooking it emits a more insistent audible signal. Then, the pot automatically preserves the food warm. If you don’t want that function, you can deactivate it by simply pressing a button at the beginning of cooking.

Not having to worry about mixing the food, burning it or overcooking. You can do your job, wash the baby, tighten the laundry, or simply relax. The hot food will be prepared for you while you don’t even think about it.

Moreover, Instant pot can be programmed to cook when you are not at home or at night, during your sleep. Put all the ingredients in it (if they will not alter by the time you’re off) in the morning, and set it to start cooking an hour before you get home. Or, throw in the ingredients in the evening and you’ll have a fabulous and warm porridge for breakfast!

Instant Pot Tip!

Do not leave meat or dairy in it for very long periods of time. They can alter and that’s something you don’t want in your pot.


Certain recipes require the immediate release of the steam (quick release – QR) in order not to over-cook the food. In these cases, when you hear it beep, you really have to go to open it, otherwise you will have too much cooked food. This is not the case with stews or soups. It mainly refers to stew fish or vegetables.

The steam to be removed naturally (natural release – NR). Or, it can be left to naturally remove the steam for 10 minutes (10NR) and then have the steam released manually (QR).

Instant Pot Healthy food

It is said that cooking under pressure is the healthiest form of cooking. In addition, the pot inside is stainless steel, which is the least toxic material to cook in.
Instant pot has a great variety of functions! You can saute onion or meat before adding the rest of the ingredients and cook under pressure. Also, you can steam, boil, slow cook, make yogurt and the list goes on! Instant pot can be used t o cook cakes as well, isn’t that crazy?

Extremely easy to use

Regular, old-fashioned pressure cooker are relatively hard to use and even dangerous to use. With Instant Pot you don’t have to be afraid of any accidents of this kind. It closes and opens extremely easily (just put the lid on and then twist it), it emits sound when closing, it warns in case of burning, it has all kinds of safety mechanisms. Even if you are a beginner or you don’t know much about cooking, Instant Pot will guide you through. It is a wonder appliance.

Easy to clean

The interior pot is made of stainless steel, which is a very easy to clean material. Also, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Low energy consumption

Considering that the cooking time is reduced by 70%, you save a lot of energy when using Instant Pot on a regular basis.

Instant Pot Great price

Considering the multitude of preset programs and the advanced technology it is made of, the price is more than fair . It saves you from the crowded kitchen with multiple pans, pots and pans for cooking. If you feel you need Instant Pot in your kitchen to save time, money and cook healthy food, here is where you can buy one.

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