caribbean red

Caribbean Red Chile Pepper Stats

Name: Caribbean Red
Pronunciation: kar-uh-bee-uh red
Length: 1 ½”
Width: 1″
Scientific Name: Capsicum chinense
Other Names: none
Scoville Range: 300,000 – 445,000

Caribbean Red Chile Pepper Origin and History

Originating in the Yucutan Peninsula in Mexico, the Caribbean red pepper was a result of selective breeding of the habanero pepper. This breeding resulted in a pepper that is about twice as hot on average as habaneros.

It is found mostly growing in the Caribbean region, which is where it derives its name from.

Caribbean Red Chile Pepper Description

The Caribbean red grows on attractive large bushes that become loaded with the peppers. The peppers themselves are small, round, and wrinkled with thin flesh. They start out as green and then turn orange until finally ripening to a bright red. The ripening process takes about 110 days. The Caribbean red plant will grow 2 to 3 feet tall.

The intensity of the pepper’s heat is rated as one of the hottest in the world and can be so hot that it can irritate the skin just from mild exposure. In addition to the heat they have a potent, fruity flavor.

Caribbean Red Chile Pepper How to Serve or Use

The Caribbean red pepper is great in salsas, hot sauce, and marinades. It is also used very similarly to the habanero when even more heat is desired. It’s used in extra-spicy jerk seasonings and to flavor super-hot Mexican ranchero sauces.

Because of its fruitiness it pairs well with sweeter fruits such as mangos and papayas.

The peppers can also be dried and used as a flavoring for stews or soups. The dried peppers can also be ground into a fine powder for use in BBQ rubs or to flavor dishes that need some additional spice.

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